Tanworth in Arden Parish Council has a number of policies and procedures in place which set out it’s conduct and ensure the council is operating in accordance with laws and regulations.

The key regulations to the operation of the Council are:

  • Standing Orders – these detail how the Council and it’s meetings are run
  • Financial Regulations – this details how the Council handles its financial matters.
  • Code of Conduct – this sets out how Councillors must act and what is expected of them whilst holding office.

The councils polices are reviewed annually and regularly updated to comply with any changes in legislation.

Published DateDocument TitleDownload
Fri 17th May, 2024Scheme of DelegationDownload DownloadDownload
Fri 17th May, 2024Financial RegulationsDownload DownloadDownload
Fri 17th May, 2024Standing OrdersDownload DownloadDownload
Fri 17th May, 2024Code of ConductDownload DownloadDownload